About Rosa

Dwight School Seoul (드와이트 국제학교)

University of California, San Diego (B.S. Biology)

안녕하세요, 하이어 에듀케이션 이현조 멘토입니다.

As someone who’s never been to hagwon, I took a long time trying to figure out who I am in terms of education. What kind of teaching works best for me? What kind of environment do I enjoy learning in? What kind of a learner am I? Auditory, visual, or verbal?


There were a lot of questions about my identity in education. Now, as a mentor at Higher Education, I’ve come to realize the value of “tailored education”. As a teacher, I believe finding the answers to the very same questions I had when I was younger for students is the epitome of what we offer here. Students can increase efficiency while facing less difficulty. Education shouldn’t have to be hard; it should be fun and self-empowering. 

As a mentor here, it is my main goal to continue to strive to find that specific path that students can take towards their future. Along with the other mentors, I will encourage students to continue making better versions of themselves.